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Lotus Video

Discover the Ideal Orthodontic Bracket Click to View

Bracket design provides passive engagement to reduce friction and improve sliding mechanics
Low profile mini-twin design with rhomboid shape for easy placement
No Special Instruments Required. Opens easily with an explorer, closes with utility plier or tweezer
Mandibular arch clips open gingivally to minimize occlusal interference, maxillary arch open occlusally
Convertible clip allows for the engagement of ligature ties during the finishing phase if desired

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Lotus® Plus Passive Bracket Systems Starter Kits
Lotus Starter Kit

Everything You
Will Need to Get Started with Our
Lotus Plus Passive
Bracket System

Lotus Plus McLaughlin, Bennett, & Trevisi* Rx Patient Kits

5x5 No Hooks 300005
5x5 Hooks on 3’s 300006
5x5 Hooks on 3, 4, & 5’s 300007

Lotus Plus Damon*
Standard Torque Rx Patient Kits

5x5 No Hooks 200005
5x5 Hooks on 3’s 200006
5x5 Hooks on 3, 4, & 5’s 200007

Lotus Plus Roth* Rx Patient Kits

5x5 No Hooks 700005
5x5 Hooks on 3’s 700006
5x5 Hooks on 3, 4, & 5’s 700007
Lotus Model with Black shirt
Starter Kit Includes
8 Lotus Plus .022" Slot
Single Patient Kits (160 Brackets)
Stackable Organizer
Lotus SLB
Ligature Director & Explorer
Clip Opening Tool - Hook Style
Lotus SLB
Bracket Tweezers
Clip Closing Tool - Tweezer Style
TruFlex™ Thermal NiTi Archwires
.013" (10/pk) .014" x .025" (10/pk)
.014" (10/pk) .018" x .025" (10/pk)
TruForce™ Stainless Steel Archwires
.019" x .025" (10/pk)
BetaForce™ Beta Titanium Archwires
.019" x .025" (10/pk)
Crimpable Mini Stops - Large (50/pk)
Crimpable Mini Stops - Small (50/pk)
Crimpable Ball Hooks 3.3mm (20/pk)
Lotus Marketing Kit Lotus® Plus Marketing Support
from Ortho Technology
Ortho Technology understands the importance of effective marketing tools to the growth of a successful business. We're certain our Patient Consultation Center with full color trifold brochures, wall poster, doctor brochure, and presentation typodont will provide you with the tools you need to grow your practice. We are committed to supporting your marketing needs.

Lotus® Plus Patient Consultation Center
rule Lotus Plus Patient Brochure Flip icon
Lotus Plus
Patient Consultation Center

with 25 Full Color Brochures
Item #: S400

Lotus Plus Patient Brochure
Use as a refill pack for the Lotus Plus Consultation Center or as a handout for patient presentations
Item #: B-00344

Lotus Plus Poster rule Lotus Plus Typodont
Lotus Plus Wall Poster
Lotus Plus Typodont
Item #: G50-622

Open Design

Allows for maxium
patient hygiene

Unique Clip Design

Allows for easy opening and secure closure of the clip

Easy Opening Clip

Opens easily with an explorer

Lotus Plus Closed Bracket

Ultra Low Profile

For a more aesthetic appearance
Maximum patient comfort
and satisfaction
Avoids occlusal and
incisal interference

Identification System

By quadrant with removable color coded dot and permanently by a raised I.D. mark

80 Gauge Foil Mesh Base

Ensures maximum bond strength

Mini-Twin Design

With rhomboid shape
for easy placement

Convertible Clip

Removable clip allows
for ligature ties during
finishing phase if desired

High Quality
Thermal Nickel Titanium

For flexibility and long-life

Lotus Plus Opened Bracket

Contoured Tie-Wing

For added patient comfort

Generous and Defined
Tie-Wing Undercuts

Ensures easier and more
secure ligation if needed

Compound Contour Base

Provides simplified and accurate bracket placement

Lotus Plus Typodont

Presentation Typodont
Bonded 5 to 5 with archwires, first and second molar buccal tubes, and clear ligatures in place. The high quality detail makes these hinged typodonts the perfect presentation aid. Typodonts come with a hard plastic case and foam insert perfect for safe, protective storage.

Lotus Plus Typodont G50-622

Lotus Manufacturing 1 Extensive Product Development
Many of Ortho Technology’s exclusive and patented products were created or refined through extensive research and development. Working with leading doctors from around the world allows Ortho Technology to stay in touch with the clinical needs and treatment options practices need to stay efficient. One example of this is the Lotus Plus Passive Self-Ligating Bracket System.
Product Quality Assurance
Ortho Technology is independently assessed and certified for meeting the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization of Quality (ISO 13485:2003), and its quality control department works hard to ensure our customers consistently receive the high quality products they have come to know and trust. Our quality control department performs very intense inspections of all of the products we offer.
Manufacturing 2




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