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tapered implant

Unparalleled strong connection

All Neoss implants/abutments and abutment screws are extensively tested and are amongst the strongest available. Warranty data over many years has demonstrated an unparalleled low fracture rate.

Optimal soft tissue support

The single platform abutment/implant interface is designed to optimise soft tissue support. For implant diameter Ø4.0 and greater, the emergence profile of the abutment is narrower than the implant flange diameter providing what is known as platform switching. The Ø3.5 implant flange has a parallel design where space is at a premium.

Prosthetic freedom, unlimited choices, single platform

The Neoss System provides prosthetic freedom to work in titanium, gold or ceramic, offering patients the most aesthetic and functional solution. With the single platform, single screwdriver and procedure friendly impression copings, restoration could not be made simpler.

In addition, all prosthetic components in the Neoss system are compatible with both the Neoss Tapered and the Neoss ProActive® implants enabling choice of implant at the time of surgery.

Dual surface roughness

The Neoss Tapered Implant has a low surface roughness flange (Sa 0.4) designed to reduce marginal bone loss, while the rougher body optimises osseointegration.

Conical coronal flange with additional threads

The conical coronal flange with additional threads has been carefully designed to provide improved stability and faster healing in extraction sites and cases relying mainly on cortical anchorage.

ProActive, a super hydrophilic surface

The Neoss Tapered Implant has a super hydrophilic surface demonstrated by an immeasurable low contact angle. The ProActive surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration (compared to a grit-blasted and acid etched implant as demonstrated in animal models).1

Simplified drilling protocol

Some clinicians choose to under prepare soft bone cases and only use the Ø2.2 straight drill. For normal procedures in our Ø4.0 implant example, only one tapered drill is required for cavity preparation. Depending upon the hardness of the cortical bone a countersink is available for the conical flange of the implant.

The drilling procedure is simplified by the provision of one tapered drill catering for the different lengths of each implant diameter.

Tapered implant body and unique Thread Cutting and Forming design

The combination of the unique Thread Cutting and Forming (TCF) design and tapered implant body provides excellent stability in compromised cases and extremely good seating in dense bone.

Apical profile aids placement

The Neoss Tapered apical profile provides ease of placement in soft bone cases where under preparation is desirable or where there are narrow roots or walls.

Sinus floor friendly apical tip

The rounded tip is designed to protect the sinus floor membrane.

1 Gottlow J & Sennerby L, 2010. ‘Influence of surface and implant design on stability of five commercial titanium implants. A biomedical study in the rabbit’, AO Meeting, Post 83

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