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The NeoGen™ range offers a new generation of non-resorbable titanium reinforced and non-reinforced membranes. The dual surface of the NeoGen™ membranes combine the handling and tissue interactions of expanded PTFE with the enhanced barrier function offered by dense PTFE, all in one membrane.

Enhanced barrier function

The soft tissue side of the membrane has a tight texture that is designed to resist bacteria permeability.

Shapeability and strength

The middle layer of the NeoGen™ Ti-Reinforced membrane is a strong and highly shapeable titanium mesh that retains its shape throughout the healing period. It provides a stable tenting function and minimizes membrane folds.

Tissue interaction

The tight texture of the soft tissue side enables soft tissue attachment which further increases membrane stability. The hard tissue side has an expanded texture that enables predictable hard tissue integration.

Ease of use

Both the tight and expanded textures of the membrane are designed to support easy removal after healing. There is also a broad size availability to minimize trimming.

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