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2021-03-08 12:04

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Accessories Assortment Stratos3

E) Plane indicator

Indicates the reference planes of the Stratos during individual model orientation.

F) Bite fork support

Holds the bite fork of the transferbow and avoids the lowering of the bite fork during model orientation in the Stratos.

G) CE Registration joint holder

The accessory obviates the need to send the complete transferbow to the dental laboratory.

The laboratory needs only the registration joint for the model transfer into the Stratos.

H) Incisal plates

15°, 30°, 0° individual

Ref: Delivery form

Accessories Assortment ”Personalized” (for Stratos 100, 300)                                                                                    590221

Plane indicator                                                                                1x

Bite fork support                                                                             1x

CE Registration joint holder                                                              1x

Incisal plate 15°, 30°                                                                     1x each

Incisal plate for personalized anterior guidance                                   1x

Instrument carrier                                                                            1x


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